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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter is here!

And the kids are so excited.  
Soleil was even able to build her first Snow Person of the season.
My goal is to try to embrace winter the way the kids do...
I do have snowpants.


  1. Whoa! I wish that snow was here! Could your daughter be any more adorable???

    I, too, have snow pants and I secretly wish that they were bibs because I don't like the thought that when I fall, snow could go down my back. Yikes!!!

    Hey, do you love how I do some of my punctuation in threes??? Ah, the memories...

    Remember how star struck we were when she called me? Love that memory...makes me smile! :)

  2. Mine are bibs! If you lived closer I'd loan them to you.

    I have searched high and low in an attempt to stalk Beth Kivel. I'd do nearly anything to know what she's up to and/or see a recent photo of her. She was a life changer for me.


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