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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Fun

Our house is for sale.
During October we averaged a showing every other day.
Finding something fun, and relatively inexpensive, to do with three small children during these showings has been my number #2 job this month (cleaning the house for the showings is #1)...

Everyone's favorite "during a showing" activity has been to go to Ring Mountain...our favorite Gelato/Ice Cream place in town. 

I've found that they have pretty fantastic decaf/skim/vanilla latte's, too.
Can you even believe the eyes on these two?  Corey blessed our children with genes for the biggest, most beautiful eyes...and dramatic long lashes.
Soleil's eyes have almost completely changed from blue to green. 
She shares that trait with my mom.
Both of the big kids would tell you that the Birthday Cake ice cream is the best flavor at Ring Mountain.
Shore likes to mix his with Blue Gelato, Soleil prefers to add Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.

Everyone leaves happy.

Getting this posted a little late (right before she turns 4 months old)

Sweet Little Siri is really trying hard to steady her head...and she smiles all the time now. 
She's especially enamored by her big brother and sister...and Bella.

Those big blue eyes pierce right through mine and zap me directly in the heart.  Every time.