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Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm dreaming of...

I really want to love Pinterest.  It seems like it makes a lot of people really happy.  
I get that, and I wish that I could join them.  But it's kind of like Sudoku, cake decorating and spinning classes,
I've tasted that Kool-aid but just can't get myself to drink it. 

But I do like looking at things, becoming inspired, and saving them on my mental "to do list".
Here are my latest favorite things...
(for my family room):
Whitewashed hardwood floors from Lumber Liquidators

(For my eat-in kitchen table):
Garden Side Chair in Ivory from Home Decorators Collection

(For my master bedroom):
Claudette Headboard from Ballard Designs

I lay awake at night thinking about how these items would further my vision for a lighter, more Shabby Chic/Whitewashed home.  



  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the floors... Wow!!!! Also- Love the headboard too! Kitchen chairs could be a little magenta like, if you know what I mean?! They seem a little modern.

  2. The great thing about those chairs is that they would be easy to clean. I totally went with modern, yellow, easy to clean chairs after being fed-up with wiping oatmeal and other even more sticky foods from my spindles. Eck!

    Also, I was all excited about Pinterest until I found out that people follow me. Huh?! Why can't I just pin things that I like, for me. I don't want the world to know everything. Besides, why do people care what I like anyway? So frustrating and such a let down.

    I like what you've "pinned" on your website and I think that the headboard would be a serious show stopper!!! Love.It.

  3. YES! Why can't I just privately pin?!? Why does everything need to be shared?

    I really don't need to know that the woman that I met while on vacation thinks that a particular belt would be "sassy for an office party".


  4. I appreciate you waving the Magenta Flag on the chairs. Corey has also hoisted the flag. I think they may be voted off the island.


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