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Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm having one of those Mondays...

I'm a little low on energy.  My creativity seems a little dried up, too.
I've only been able to accomplish two things so far...
Maybe I need to start drinking caffeine again.


  1. Oh, yeah!!! I look forward to your Christmas cards every year!

    Your washing machine looks fancy--woo hoo!

    I bet it does not make you meow. ;)

  2. You are my hero! You have your Christmas cards done!? AMAZING! If it's any consolation, I did neither of those things today. Just worked. Boo.

  3. Is that a square envelope... does it cost more to mail? I always thought it did, so I backed away from it this year. Let me know. Can't wait to get your cards... did you go w/ tiny prints??

  4. Yes, I had to buy special stamps for them...and my only choices were butterflies or dolphins...I went with dolphins.
    I used Shutterfly again this year. What are you doing? Will your favorite hunting photo be included this year?!?! Can't wait to see your kill.

  5. Thanks, Heather, for some reason that DOES make me feel better :)

    Hope you're having a good week...keep avoiding the drama :)

  6. I'm so NOT meowing.

    Love that you're back! How was the MIL visit?

  7. I did a combo of tiny prints and pear tree. I love tiny prints but they are so expensive. I bought a groupon deal. Pretty impressed w/ pear tree as well.

    It is all about blood for the holiday season, nothing like it to get it into full swing.

  8. Hey, Hollie and Ruth, 5x5 envelopes do cost more but 5x7 envelopes do not. Strange, huh?

  9. Question: did you give up caffeine? I'm impressed!

  10. Kind of...what was I thinking?!? I'm down to one cup of coffee each morning...then caffeine free the rest of the day. It's helping me sleep better. So I guess that's a good thing.

  11. AND there are no cute holiday stamps made for the square cards. You pay more AND you get ugly stamps.


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