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Monday, November 28, 2011

white Christmas ornament wreath tutorial

I made something pretty this weekend and I want to show to you...
(I was inspired by a tutorial in this magazine.)

Gorgeous, righ?!  And would you believe easy, too?!
Wanna make one?  I'll tell you how...

What I used:
(I bought everything at Michaels)
~ 12" Styrofoam wreath
~ Wide white ribbon
~ Floral wire and cutter
~ 17 large white glass ornaments (they come in boxes of 8 at Michaels, I originally bought 2 boxes but ended up sending Corey back to the store because I needed 1 more...he loved that.)
~ 10 small white glass ornaments (if I was to do it again would buy 20 of these)
~ A whole boat load of other round white things...pom poms, floral picks that I snipped apart, painted acorns, etc.
~ copious amounts of hot glue

How I did it:
( This was made late at night so the "in progress" photos are less than stellar)

I started by wrapping the Styrofoam wreath with the ribbon, securing it with hot glue.  I don't know if this was really necessary since I was using a white wreath and covering it with white ornaments, but it would be if your ornaments were a different color
Then I made a hook out of floral wire and attached it to the top 
The next step was to start glueing the largest ornaments around the perimeter of the wreath.
*Super good tip* - keep the wreath laying flat on a hard surface as you do this step so that it will later on lay flat against your door or wall*
Once you have the large ornaments glued to the entire perimeter, start filling in the middle with some of the medium sized things.
If I was to do this again I would definitely also add ornaments to the inside of the wreath...I regret not doing that.

Lastly I filled in any little gaps with little things and in some places layered...I think more is more with this project ;)
 And then I hung this pretty little thing above my mantel, on top of my stained glass window (using a 3M hook)...and stood back and admired it...
I just love it.

I'm going to Hook Up With Hepworths so head on over and check out the other great tutorials and ideas!


  1. Beautiful! I might actually try this...you always inspire me. xo

  2. You could SO do this! and if you do, you have to send me photos!
    Hope your week is off to a good start.

  3. Oh, I love it! I think I might just steal yours, though! It's beautiful! You brought happiness to our home in the form of a Christmas card today! Griffin even exclaimed when I walked in the door, "Mom! Look! These people dressed up like Star Wars!" What a pretty card, and a pretty family! XO

  4. P.S. I wish we lived closer. I adore crafting.

  5. Ruth - this is Gorgeous and very rich. No, but seriously, I just adore it too! How pretty for a winter wedding. I am definitely going to do this sometime... how much do you think you spent on all the goods, for a finished look?

    We LOVED your Christmas cards, and of course Chris got a chuckle out of the star wars photo- secretly I think he wished he was in the photo!

  6. Thanks for the enthusiasm, Griffin! I SO wish you ALL lived closer...we'd have such a blast.

  7. Beauty comes at a price, Hollie...and these are no exception. If you buy one item at a time, using your 40% off coupon...
    no seriously, it was a little bit pricey but I think I'll love it year after year. What colors are you decorating with this year?

    We just got the tree up today and the kids hit the ornaments hard.

  8. I haven't changed anything from last year... but I think I am going to buy new bulbs when they go on sale next year. Something that goes with my farmhouse chic.

    We have your two rolls of ribbon, I am very impressed as Chris picked them out, he done good!

  9. Really super pretty! Think I'll try one this weekend!

  10. Karen, thanks for stopping by. You absolutely should make one! Good luck and have a great weekend.

  11. I can't wait to make this! I'm going to make one for myself and a few others for gifts for next year. But I cant wait to make one for our company charity raffle for Make a Wish!!!Love, Love, Love it!


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