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Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh My!

(For those of you that follow my blog regularly...check out Soleil's face in this photo...it's that sweet expression that I love)

We've been crafting and decorating, and compiling our wish lists...it is definitely feeling A LOT like Christmas!
Unfortunately we've also been dealing with illnesses, and car issues, and hard to manage schedules so I'm a little behind on my blogging.
Hopefully I'll have a hand-knit reveal coming up later this week 
and maybe some photos from our visit with Santa.
Stay tuned.  
Thank you my faithful friends.


  1. I noticed her adorable expression right away--darling!

    Car trouble?! Oh no, what's up?

    Sending my love! xo

  2. We've been down to one car for the past few days (mine is in the shop in need of a new engine!?!?!) and then today Corey's car broke down. Kinda all just makes me want to climb into bed and pull up the covers and hope that it all gets sorted out for me.

  3. A new engine?!?! Ay yi yi, that is a major bummer to say the least. At least new engines are super cheap. Ha!

    Keep us posted and we'll keep praying. BTW, if crawling under the covers ends up working, please LMK because I'm so going to try it...



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