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Friday, December 16, 2011

Clap your hands, say yeah

At 35 there are parts of me that I love and parts of me that I try really hard to remain civil with.
Up until about two years ago, my eyes were always pretty firmly planted in the "love" category.
But then something mysterious, and I'm convinced age related, happened...I began to have "creasing issues".
No matter what technique or product I tried, I would inevitably end up with my concealer and eye shadow creasing on my lids.  Corey and I even developed a little sign language routine that would let me know during social gatherings if I needed to wipe my lids.  I hated it.  I'd get so fed up that I would take week long breaks from wearing anything on my eyes...trying to embrace a very natural look 

Anyway, the very exciting news is that after hundreds of dollars poured into empty promises, I have finally found something that actually works...
Do you hear the heavens opening up and a choir of angels singing?!?!
Oh, sista, I sure do.
Run to this website for the deats:


  1. Yeah for you! I love finding something that actually works! :)

    Now, just buy a bunch of it before they "improve" it or make it "new" or even worse, discontinue it. I hate it when that happens.

  2. Add more of these post... I love the beauty reviews. If it is any constellation, I never, ever noticed... just noticed how beautiful you are, and when you walk into the room, no one lights it up the way you do!

  3. Your eyes are so BLUE... pretty!

  4. Baby, you make me blush! Thank you so much for these sweet words.

    p.s. Just for you, I'll continue trying stuff and writing all about it...:)

    You feeling better?

  5. Maybe I should order a lifetime supply, today?!?!


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