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Monday, December 12, 2011

The stockings were hung...

While my friend was pregnant with twin boys, I knit them each a Christmas stocking.
Unfortunately, at the time that I gave them to her, she only had one of the boys named...Frank.
Frank and Baby No Name...
Now that the sweet boys are here (they were born in February)...and they each have names, "No Name" is now Evan...their stockings are complete.
I used this fantastic pattern from Canadian Living:
It's easy, fast, and looks beautiful in many different color combinations.
I just love the classic styling and simplicity of these...

I hope the boys enjoy them for many, many years.

I found some slightly outdated, but deliciously adorable photos of the two boys..
My heart nearly explodes looking at their little faces...I love these boys so much.


  1. Oh my gosh, those little bubs are adorable!!! Their expressive faces are so sweet and yummy!

    I really like the stockings, too! I wish I knew how to do something crafty; like knit. My mom crochets but I don't know how to do that either. I should take a class or something fabulous.

    I bake cookies. Does that count? :)

  2. Also, how did you get their names on the photographs? Is it a program or something cool? I should be able to do something like that with my iMac/iPhoto, yes?

  3. I use a photo editing website called Picnik...there is a link to it via Picasa, which is where I upload all my photos.

  4. I'd love some of your homemade cookies...what kind are you making this holiday season? All I've managed to make so far is some Puppy Chow for my neighbors.

  5. i LOVE those stockings- they are so beautiful! the colors are awesome!

  6. You are such a special part of these boys lives, they light up when they see you! Evan and Frankie adore their stockings, and will for many years.


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