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Friday, December 9, 2011

Peek of the week. December 9th edition.

Here's a little information about Peek of the Week, from Happily Home Sewn's blog...
Cuz I'm linking up this week.

What's Peek of the Week, you ask? 

It's Happily Home Sewn's regular Friday feature...It could be a cool finished project, a work in progress, a personal accomplishment, a cute kid moment, or something that surprised you.

If we could peek into your week - what would you want to show us?

We made our annual trip to the Mall of America this week to visit with Santa.  
It's become tradition for the kids to bring along letters for Santa, listing out all their wishes.  
I love watching their nervous faces as he reads each list.  
They can hardly contain their excitement.
The whole holiday season is magical, isn't it?


  1. This is so magical! That is one snazzy Santa. Love the socks.

    Your kiddos are gorgeous! Thanks for linking up!

  2. He's the best Santa!!!
    And he takes appointments...truly magical for a mama that doesn't want to stand in line!


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