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Monday, December 19, 2011

Sound the trumpets, please...there's an announcement to be made

Sometimes life gets in the way of sewing and quilting, crafting and decorating.  
Sometimes you get stuck in a rut, lose your mojo, or just get a little lazy.

And then sometimes you find out that you're pregnant, develop the worst case of morning/noon/and night sickness, and discover that you can barely stay awake for more than three hours at a time

That's what's going on here...
Yep, there is a sweet little person growing in there.

I'm beyond excited and happy and really, really grateful.
Something about this baby coming to me at age 35, seven years after my last baby, seems extra miraculous and very, very special.

So I'm trying really hard to forget about my messy house and unfinished Christmas projects and just enjoy this stage...even if it includes lots of nausea.

Cuz, I'm busy making a baby, folks!


  1. So special... so excited, beyond words!

  2. ahhh ruth...congratulations !!!! such special news...i was 35 when i had my 4th baby....baby lily is 18 now....xxo pam

  3. Thanks, Heather...your support means a lot to me. Love you!

  4. Congratulations Ruth! That is such special news. We had our little Finn 6 months ago- 6 1/2 years after our last. It has been great. You will love seeing your big kids with your new baby. I hope the nausea ends soon- that's the worst!! Here's to a healthy pregnancy and a precious new babe!!!

  5. As isn't it lucky, to already have two besties?!?!

  6. "Lily" is actually one of only two names that my son has put on his "approved baby names" list!

  7. Thanks, Kasey! I'm going to have to email you during this process...it's so nice to know someone else that has done this. Most of my friends/family think I'm nuts :)

  8. Woo hoo!!! So happy and excited!! Love the pic, too!


  9. This news will never be old to me! I am so excited! Love the tummy shot. I hope there are more along the way!

  10. I'm so excited, too! My little bump is growing everyday.

  11. Thanks, Angela. It's all so fun, isn't it?


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