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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ornament wreath, dressed in red

What do you give a fabulous friend for Christmas?
You know, the friend that has the most incredible taste and sense of style?!
A red ornament wreath, of course...
Isn't it pretty?  
I had the best time collecting ornaments and glittery red things, and then putting it all together.
It just got better and better the more I added.
It's a little like a Where's Waldo or I Spy book...the longer you look at it, the more you see.
Before I gave it to my friend, I let it do a little modeling over my mantel
And the best part?  I truly think she loved it.

*If you want to make your own...here's a great tutorial for you to follow ;)

12/10/2011 ~ I just received a photo of the wreath in it's new home...
My friend named the photo, "My prized possession"...isn't that sweet?


  1. I love your mantle!!!!

    I am so in love, actually it was love at first sight, when I laid eyes on this beauty. Secretly I wished I had an ornament wreath to hang on my wall when I saw the tutorial of your white wonderland. When you carried it through the threshold I knew my life would be complete. Christmas magic and dreams really do come true... You should know first hand. Thanks for making my Christmas so special, and giving me the best gift... your friendship. I love you more than words can express. I hope you get that ICE!!!

  2. What a pretty wreath! And I agree, the best part is she LOVED it!

    Hollie, you should post a pic of where you hung it so we can see?! Pretty please.... :)

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was the sweetest comment...and I'm thrilled that you love your wreath.
    And I love my dish...I showed it to my mom last night and her first comment was, "she really knows what you'll like". Absolutely. So pretty. It would look great with some ice in it.

  4. Not 5 minutes after giving Hollie the wreath she had a hammer and a nail out...she was on an unstoppable mission to hang it.
    *It looks perfect in it's new home...her lovely dining room*

  5. Just added a new photo to the post...check it out!


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