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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We got a ton of snow last night.
I don't get the paper anymore and have never really watched the news so I wasn't expecting it.

This morning when Shore let the dogs out, our larger dog, Toni decided to leave our yard and go exploring.

After about five minutes of listening to Shore scream for Toni, I donned my coat and boots over my pajamas, and headed outside to join in the search.
My hair was sticking straight up.  I was wearing my glasses.  I have horrible pregnancy acne.
I was a lovely sight.

I passed three of my neighbors...all of them just turned away from me.  
Maybe it was the acne.

I decided to get out of the road and start following the dog prints in the snow.
I slipped and fell down one of my neighbor's steeply sloping backyards.

I finally found Toni, about a block away and right in front of the woman's house that seems to ALWAYS find Toni when she "runs away".  

Thank goodness I found her before she did.

This whole week has kind of been like this story.

I really just want to go back to bed and wake up to all my bathrooms being miraculously cleaned.


  1. That sound about right! Hope the rest of your day is better :)

  2. I would come and clean your bathrooms in a heartbeat!

    Boo(!) to the pregnancy induced acne; what a bummer! Here's to a change in hormones as the baby develops. :)

    Is today off to a better start?


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