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Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm back!

Oh my goodness it's been a long time.
Things are getting better...and easier.  I'm sleeping less, eating more, and really only nauseous in the evening.
It all feels pretty good.  
I even foresee some unfinished projects getting finished in the near future. (Imagine!)

These are two of the things I learned during the first trimester of delirium...
Food made and delivered by a friend is extra delicious (she even included a gift for both me and my mom)  Incredible, right?

...especially during the weeks when the thought of cooking was directly connected with my gag reflex.

 And, I'm so grateful for my kids...they really bucked up while I was sick and became very easy to please.

Soleil was overjoyed with a fruit smoothie each day after school.
And both Soleil and Shore never got tired of my go-to dinner of chocolate chip pancakes...

I have so much to be thankful for...
especially that the second trimester is here :)

*Thanks for hanging in there with me*


  1. Awww, welcome back! Yeah for sweet friends who know how to take good care of the ones they love!

    Our boys are big fans of chocolate chip pancakes, too. I wish I had your electric skillet, though. I have a tiny one and it is dying a slow death. I may have to upgrade to the big one like you have. Do you like it?

    So happy to hear that you are feeling better and that your second trimester is here. Bring on the beautiful baby!


  2. The kids love pancakes so much that they bought me the skillet for Christmas two years ago. At first I was concerned about the amount of storage room it would take up but I quickly let that concern go when I started using it...it's SO handy. I bet I use it at least once a week for something or other. I would highly recommend getting one.

    Thanks for your comment...it feels good to have some energy again. Now I'm quickly becoming obsessed with getting the nursery together...stay tuned :)


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