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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh how I love her beautiful voice

Sweet Soleil has the most gorgeous little singing voice...
I'm even a little jealous of it.
She actually sounds as good as I think I sound when belting out tunes in the car.  
And this last Thursday we ALL got to enjoy hearing her at her first ever school choir concert.

Even my mom was able to attend (following her Oncologist's advice...she never took her gloves off).

It was one of those nights that was filled with moments that made me very proud to be a mom...her mom, in particular. 


  1. Love! So happy your mom could attend and so happy to see that she chose awesome red gloves!
    P.S. I hope one of my children can sing like Soleil! I can't carry a tune.

  2. The red gloves! So very Luann...ha!

    Shore unfortunately inherited my vocal range...even Soleil says, "Mom, he thinks he sounds good, but when Shore sings it kind of hurts my ears."


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