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Monday, February 27, 2012

here's to you, my sweet girl...

Today is my sweet Soleil's 9th birthday.
I can hardly believe that I've been mothering that long.
The day she was born certainly changed my everything...forever.

As a tribute to her, and as a memory aide, I thought I'd list some things about my daughter:
1.  For her birthday dinner she chose pizza and french fries.
2.  She adores rootbeer but is only permitted to have it on special occasions.
3.  She describes herself as a "sporty girl".
4.  She has proven time and time again that she can be successful at anything she commits herself to.
5.  Taylor Swift is her favorite musician.
6.  Her favorite color is "electric blue".
7.  She gets the hiccups when she laughs too hard.
8.  Her dream vacation would be a trip to California.
9.  She makes friends nearly instantly.
10.  Science is her favorite subject at school.
11.  Her big blue eyes have had the power to melt her father and me since the day she was born.
12.  She has the kindest, most sensitive heart.

I love you, Soleil!
Happy Birthday from your proud Mama!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Beautiful, Soleil!!!

    You are a very special, very loved "sporty girl", and I enjoyed reading these 12 interesting facts about you!

    I hope your day is wonderful and fun!

    :) Jenni

    Ruth, I'm so happy that you blog! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday sweetie... thanks so much for coming to the boys birthday party. It was so much fun having you there... come over again SOON!!!!

  3. I think Soleil had a great birthday...but she's really excited for her sleepover party with her friends this coming Saturday. 9 girls at my house overnight...eek!!!

  4. Thanks, Jenni...I'm glad that I blog, too. :)


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