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Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Finish of 2012

Remember those memory quilts I was commissioned to make?  
The ones that were made out of baby clothes?
They're finished!!!
And I'm ready to show you the first one...Zaid's.

I think when I last showed you these quilts, they were just quilt tops...
since then, my quilter Pam Cole quilted each of the quilts in a fantastic swirl pattern.
Zaid's mother had given me a few of the receiving blankets that she had gotten from the hospital when he was born.  
They ended up making perfect binding for the quilts...
Lots of hand stitches secured the binding in place...
And voila, Zaid's quilt was finished!  
(Pam makes each quilt so personal...I love this extra step that she does)
Stay tuned for his brother Zeen's quilt, I'll be showing that later this week!


  1. OMG... these are breathtaking!!! They are a masterpiece, a treasure that will stand the test of time. YOU are amazing!!!

    They are going to die!

  2. look sooo good finished xoxo pam

  3. Oh, Hollie you're too generous with the compliments...thank you! I can't wait to give them to Baidah on Saturday.

    Love you so much :)

  4. Thanks for helping me make this project happen :)

  5. Ruth, it's absolutely amazing! I'd love to hire you in a few years to make one for our kiddos! Amazing, amazing work. I am sure snuggling in the blanket will be like wrapping yourself in memories. Hmmmm...on second thought, maybe I will have you make the blanket for ME to keep!!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  6. Thanks, Heather! I'd love to make you something some day!

    And, I can't wait to see you on Thursday!

  7. Wow! The quilt is beautiful, tender, and fun all at the same time...love, love love!

    So special for all involved.

  8. GORGEOUS! I'm doing my first one from my son's t-shirts. He was 10 years old and recently passed away from a brain tumor. I want to make one for each of his siblings.



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