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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Should I be concerned?

When this is what I find laying on the keyboard after my daughter has been on the computer?
Can anyone say "parental controls"?!? 


  1. I'm so excited to hear that rest of this story...

    Thanks for giving me a big smile this morning!

  2. This morning I installed NetShield, NetNanny, SiteBlock, Monitor-your-kids, and changed all of the default Google setting to "Safe Search: you bet your a$$." Apologies if the computer runs even more slowly that it did before, but hey - knee-jerk over-reaction is what being a dad with a daughter is all about.

  3. Corey and I asked her about it this morning and her story is that the words "laser hair removal" were part of code she was cracking on a game...an online problem solving game that is endorsed by her school!
    But, judging from Corey's comment on this post, we've decided that it's time to deploy "Operation Parental Crackdown" anyway.


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