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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here's to you, my sweet girl...

*I'm totally off my blog schedule...Thankful for Soleil posts are suppose to be posted on Thursday, but here I am doing it on Sunday.* 

This week has been filled with all things Halloween.  
Yesterday, before jetting off to a Halloween event at our church, I staged an impromptu photo session with the kids in their costumes.  They happily acted out Star Wars battles and recreated movie cover shots as I snapped away.  

I've been working on getting all of our Star Wars costumes together for weeks now...in one of those mindless frenzies that moms can get themselves into when a deadline looms.  Then last night, after the church activity, Corey and I huddled around the computer and looked through the photos from my earlier in the day photo session with the kids.  While looking through the photos, Corey mentioned how impressed he was with Soleil's participation in this Star Wars theme.  I immediately snapped back,  "she loves Star Wars".  It's true, she does really like Star Wars but after thinking about it longer I really think Corey was right, Soleil has put her own preferences aside to embrace something for her brother.  And she's done it without complaining.

Today I am thankful that Soleil's love for her brother is strong enough pierce through the veil of ADHD self focus and that she's been able to maintain an enthusiasm for something that was not her choice.  

This is huge.  Thank you, Corey, for helping me stop and notice it.

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  1. Wait a minute, you made Soleil's costume?! How do you do it?!!! I am so impressed with your talent :)

    It is so sweet to see your children making selfless decisions, isn't it? It's so fun when we see them repeating the good stuff that we do instead of just the...well...not-so-good-stuff. Like when Drew was newly 3-years-old and was riding his bike up the drive-way saying, "What the hell...what the hell." Not such a great mommy-moment (although incredibly hilarious).

    Way to go, Soleil!!


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