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Friday, October 14, 2011

Interior Transformation: master bedroom curtains

In the spirit of Finding Happyfull I've been making due with my simple point and shoot camera.  And up until now I really feel like the blog has been chugging along alright without a fancy smancy camera.  Unfortunately today I met a challenge that my little ol' camera just couldn't handle very well...photographing out a window.

The photos in this post aren't pretty.  

Now that the disclaimer has been made, let's get on with the post about curtains...

Our master bedroom has been LONG neglected.  The only thing we've done is paint...a dark chocolate brown that fit with the whole Santa Barbara feel of the past but now is on the list of things to change.
The windows had blinds on them when we moved in.  They're functional but not pretty.  I've wanted to add curtains for years but haven't been able to commit to anything.  And with an overall interior decorating budget of about $0 the last thing I wanted to spend money on were curtains for a room that no one saw but me and Corey.

Then I had an idea.  I found a white vintage chenille bedspread (king size) at Savers (kind of like a Goodwill for those of you in other parts of the country) for $8.00...score!  
I took it home and cut it right up the middle, the long way.  Then I hemmed the cut edge and added a 6" pocket at the top for the curtain rod...
and voila, I have two very shabby chic curtains framing my bed.  

(remember the photos are crappy)

and AFTER:

Cute, right?
Next up for this room?  Headboard.


  1. pretty clever ruth......i love it!!

  2. I wanna come over!!! Adorable! Clever! You! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. They look awesome! P.S. I honestly just got back from Santa Barbara! :)

  4. Thanks Pam! How are you feeling?

    Hope the weekend treats you well :)

  5. My door is always open for you, Jenni!

    Have you thought any more about emealz? I just made the yummiest greek chicken meal yesterday...mmmmm.

  6. So jealous. I've gotta get there some day...but then I'd probably want to redo my house. again.

    Is your profile done?!?! Are you in the book? I'm so crazy excited for you and your family...YAY!

  7. All I can say is RICH!

  8. I've gotta find a way to incorporate some dried branches/twigs into that room...and then I'm phoning HouseBeautiful about a photo shoot.

    Dripping in richness.

  9. Hilarious Ruth, always cracking me up!

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