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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New link up. Peek of the week.

Today I'm linking up with Happily Home Sewn to bring you my "peek of the week".
*Notice my new side bar button*

The dog's adorable costumes for our Star Wars themed Halloween arrived this week.
 I purchased both Yoda (for Toni) and Ewok (for Bella) hats/costumes from Handmade Monster.  She did a beautiful job on both of the hats...and rush delivered them to me in record time.  
Check out her Etsy shop if you have a chance...it's very cool.

So my Peek of the Week is Bella modeling her Ewok hat...
And for those of you that follow my blog regularly... 
notice my fireplace in the background, I painted it white!!
Everything is lightening up around here :)

*any tips for keeping a toy poodle/chihuahua's eye area clean?  Obviously I'm not doing a very good job.


  1. Bella is the cutest Ewok ever... oh my gosh you have to bring her over sometime. She must LOVE being apart of your new family. I really love the fireplace as well, what a huge transformation. Is that a set of stained glass windows. Love the pumpkins and of course, don't think I wouldn't notice the RICHNESS the organic shoots of straw bring in. UFF DAH.

  2. Holy smokes.

    That. Is. Awesome.

    Now I want a dog.
    Thanks so much for linking up to the Peek of the Week!
    Keep on Peekin'!

  3. These photos of your pup could win a contest--super adorable! I love that she is dressing up with the fam :)

    Also, the fireplace looks great! I love the combo of something fresh with something worn!

  4. I'm loving the fireplace, too...the window above the fireplace was a Junk Bonanza purchase...and the rich organic shoots...well, you know where I got those babies :)


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