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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2nd baby clothes quilt. progress.

Cutting into the sweet sleepers, little shirts, and onsies is a little painful but seeing all of the squares of fabric afterwards makes it all better.
There seems to always be one that becomes a favorite...
This quilt will also be done in a simple patchwork design, 
the clothing squares alternating with white flannel squares.  
It all just makes me smile...it's overwhelmingly precious.


  1. Fantastic! Can't wait to see more progress and then the finished product! I have so many cute baby duds. I really need to do this. Thanks for stopping by Happily Home Sewn today. Your blog is super sweet!

  2. LOVE... such cute squares in this one too!!! They are so excited, and so am I.

  3. I bet these quilts are going to be the softest, most cuddly quilts you've done yet! I can feel your pain with cutting up the sweet clothes...although when you fan them out and stand back, it does look so pretty.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Jessa...and thank you for the inspiration that your blog provides!

  5. Are they really excited?!? That's so good to hear. I'm hoping to have them both finished by Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed.

  6. I hope that the boys love these quilts forever...and snuggle with them all the time.

    I know that that would make their mom very happy. and me too.


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