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Monday, September 5, 2011

What I've been working on

Have you been wondering where the crafty posts had gone?  
I kind of was too. 
Actually, I've been working on something that I needed permission to show you...and the permission giver had been out of town.
But permission has now been granted and I'm gonna start showing...

I have been hired to make TWO twin sized quilts (yay)...but get this, they're going to be made out of baby clothes!  Is this a phenomenal idea or what?  This incredible mom saved her two sons' baby clothes and is trusting me to turn them into quilts.  

This last week has been "fabric prep" week.  I've been seam ripping all of the adorable little onsies and sleepers in an attempt to maximize fabric.  And researching the best way to stabilize all these soft cuddly knits.

I've loved touching and examining each and every one of these garments.  I've daydreamed about my client holding, rocking, and feeding her little boy...getting to know and falling in love with this new little person.
It's made me think a lot about my own babies and those years of rocking chairs, instinctive bouncing, and middle of the night meals. 

I've been given full creative freedom with these quilts...but I'm going to keep things simple.  The clothes are the main attraction.  
I'm thinking a patchwork design using 8" finished squares.

Stay tuned...


  1. Yeah!!! Can't wait to see the final outcome... it is going to be a work of art, like everything you touch!

  2. What a great idea! I love how you are putting such thought and care into exampining the baby clothes....too sweet. I'll commission you to make one for me someday!

  3. I'd be honored to make one (or two) for you any day!


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