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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Princess

Few things get me as excited as a good silent auction.  Silent auction + drinks = good time for Ruth.  Often if the drinks are especially accessible, I bid on quite a lot and forget about things like budgets.  

Such was the case last winter at an event benefiting a family challenged by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

But this time I won something good.  Really good.

I won the opportunity for my daughter to be a Princess for a Day

And today was her day.  
She was an Honorary Princess with the St. Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family and had the opportunity to have breakfast with the Royal family, was officially "Knighted" by the King, and rode in a parade alongside the Queen of Snows.

  I was so proud of her...and happy for her.  She did a fantastic job.  And was a perfect princess.


  1. Yeah Soleil... how special for her and you!

  2. Wow, how cool!!! She looks darling and so sweet--what a great memory!

  3. Corey had to hold me back from jumping on the back of that convertible. I had been practicing my wave all week!

  4. She was nervous and excited and overwhelmed...it was an amazing day.


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