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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Embrace the camera: First day of school.

(The following text came from her blog):

so, have you ever embraced the camera?  if you haven't, why not?
it's important for your kids/family members/etc. to have memories of YOU.  one day, you won't be around, and all they will have are those 2 pictures you let someone take of you at christmas time.
stop messing around and make some memories...and capture those memories...with YOU IN THEM.
it's that important.

We're looking a little intense in this photo.  I guess we're still working towards "embracing" the camera.

This was breakfast this morning at our house.  My kids were fueling up for their first day of school.  Shore is now a First Grader and Soleil is in Third Grade.  
They were ready...and so was I.
Bye-Bye summer!!!

*OMG, I just noticed that there are PAPER TOWELS in this photo!!!  They were left over from our cabin vacation...I promise! 
Don't hate.


  1. That is so funny... I thought... hmm "are those paper towels, no they are probably just parchment paper folded over." I forgive you!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend!!! I hope that your day is filled with all of your favorite people, places, and foods! Love you bunches! xoxo, Jenni

    ...And it is hard to believe that you have a 3rd and 1st graders!!! So doggone cute!

  3. Thanks for remembering, Jen! It's been a great day, far exceeding my expectations.

    I hope you and your family are enjoying the weekend.

    Love you tons.


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