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Monday, August 29, 2011

Arriving late to this party...

I recently stumbled upon a very inspiring blog...The Anderson Crew.  Ever hear of it?!?  You gotta check it out...http://andersonfamilycrew.blogspot.com/.  On it, Emily (the mom and blogger), came up with this wonderful idea/motivational tool/challenge to get all of us moms to take more photos of ourselves.  I've got a button link on the right...

Here's her idea (cut and pasted from her blog):

embrace the camera.

do you have pictures of yourself, with your little people?
in this day and age of the "momarazzi", many of us are always behind the lens...rather in front of it.
some of you feel much more comfy behind the lens, and i get that.
look, you think i want pictures of myself in the same velour jogging suit for the 3rd day in a row {i slept in that jogging suit each night too---i know, gross, right?}
well, i don't really want those pictures...but my kids do---or, at least they will one day.
how many of you LOVE looking at pictures of your parents, when they were young{er}?
i'm raising my hand!
sadly, i don't have a lot of pictures with me and my mom from when i was younger.
i am off to change this for my kids.
i want them to have an abundance of pictures...to remind them of these days that we spent at home together.
the days may seem to drag...but honestly, the years fly.
is my son really about to graduate...from kindergarten?
wasn't it yesterday that i was wiping his diapered bottom?  and now i am wiping his pee up from all around the toilet. embrace the pee.
and embrace the camera.

She(Emily) has challenged all of us bloggers to start taking more photos of ourselves (even when we're feeling/looking gross) and posting them on our blogs under guise "embrace the camera"...and link it up with her.

She started this whole phenom back in May so I'm a little late (hence the late to the party title of this post) but I'm just gonna jump in anyway.

So here goes nothing...Embrace the Camera, Day 1 - August 29, 2011

Shore, Soleil and me at the Minnesota State Fair today.  It was our annual trip with my dad.  
Wonderful, delicious, fun.


  1. Woo hoo! I'm so jumping on this bandwagon! I LOVE looking at pictures of my parents with us when we were little, but I had never thought of my children wanting to do the same thing. I remember my friend taking a picture of herself on her family's vacation and captioning it, "Proof that I really was on this vacation."

    Thanks, Ruth, for the inspiration! (and thanks to Emily, too!)

  2. I hardly have any photos of me and my mom when I was growing up and I KNOW it's because my mom was too self conscience to get in front of the camera. I would treasure and adore those photos now...imagine the fashion alone!
    Let's break this cycle...and embrace the camera!
    Love you Jen!

  3. This makes me want to cry... our world is so fast and easy to get the very important things in life. LIVING and LOVING... live everyday in the present and value your true blessings. I love your blog Ruth... because it makes me feel so lucky and alive! LOVE the picture and I adore old photos!!!

  4. Hollie, we ARE so lucky to be alive and able to share our lives with people that we love. Thank you so much for all of your support and super encouraging words.
    Give my favorite babies extra hugs and kisses today. OXOXO.


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