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Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to school clothes...for me!

I've been sick this week.  Sinus/headcold sick.  I really haven't left the house.  However, during spurts of cold medicine induced mind racing, I managed to turn out three new skirts for myself.  
I started with this pattern...Simplicity 3796, view E.  I made it exactly as they directed.  And I didn't like it.  It was too big all around and the drawstring was bulky.  So I altered the pattern by taking it all in, putting elastic in only the back, making a flat front waistband, eliminating the fly, and shortening it an inch.

And the result?  An easy to wear pull on skirt.  Perfect for volunteering at the kids' school this fall

I love having pockets in everything.  One of my favorite details on this skirt are the patch pockets with contrast edging (bias tape).

I kind of regret not matching up all of the patterns and there is a little nubbin of an anchor right in the crotch area of the green skirt that is going to drive me crazy.  But, like Corey said, I really had no business cutting real fabric this week.
RIP, the little zebra print skirt that was buried in the garbage can in an "I can't breathe" fit of hysteria.
These three were the lucky ones.


  1. You are so gifted, Ruth! I like them all, but the blue one is my favorite.

  2. Those are so cute. I am in awe of people that can sew clothing!

  3. @Angela
    Yay! I finally figured out how to "reply" to comments on my blog! Thanks so much for being a faithful reader...and commenter.

    I'll try to call you again later!


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