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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I love everything Etsy.  I love the idea of buying something that someone has made with their own two hands...with their own heart.  I love supporting someone's passion.  And being someone that makes things, I really respect the courage that it takes to put your ideas out there.  It can be a scary thing.

Anyway, this summer I treated myself to a new necklace.  I wanted something simple and beautiful that I could wear everyday.  I knew I wanted it to be silver...and have an organic feel about it.

Drum roll please...

I stumbled upon the Etsy store Burnish, and I fell in love

The simple beauty of the silver tree branch is nothing I ever would have thought of...but has made me very, very happy.  In fact, I think I've worn it every day since it arrived in the mail.

I keep thinking that one day I'll grow sick of it...but that hasn't happened yet.

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  1. You looked beautiful today and I especially loved seeing the branch up close and personal. LOVE YOU!


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