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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This summer we went paperless.  Without paper napkins and paper toweling, that is.  

It has been difficult annoying at times...using cloth napkins while eating popcorn on the couch feels a little Little House on the Prairie-ish, but it's been a good change for us.  And it just feels good to use less.

Today Shore and I scored a cool basket for our cloth napkins at the Goodwill.  

And on our way into the garage we stopped at the mailbox and found a surprise present from a friend (oh my gosh, I get so excited when I get something unexpected)!!  This darling purse-sized notebook was sent to me by a friend and fellow blogger.  In her enclosed note she mentioned that I should use it to write down ideas for my blog.  Isn't that sweet?!?  It made my day.  Thank you HT!


  1. And, this post made MY day! I saw it in my google reader and thought "paperless"--I tried that once and should again! Then, spotted the photo with the notebook. Awwww...thanks!

  2. I've already written in it! Thanks so much.

  3. Yes, I'm just going to jump in here and say that Ruth really does have us "paperless." So it isn't that we just don't have paper napkins at dinner, we actually don't have ANY PAPER NAPKINS.

    A few days ago I was taking some of Ruth's famous "monkey bread" along in the car for breakfast... I was thrown... no paper napkins! But it was OK. I'm on board with this. I used a cloth napkin that I'm still planning to bring back into the house - and as long as the monkey bread keeps coming, I think I'm going to make it through the transition.

  4. Thanks for being on board, babe. Just be sure to bring that napkin home before it's moldy...love you!


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