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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jars and jars of yumminess

While dating my husband, all those years ago, I quickly learned that he was a guy that didn't (and still doesn't) eat.  I hadn't even realized that there were such men until I met Corey.  His entire diet consisted of cheap frozen pizzas (think Totinos) and chips and salsa.  I'm not joking.  That's all he ate. 

So, for our first Christmas together, I sneakily attended a class about canning salsa and canned twelve jars of salsa!  I think that was all I gave him.  Maybe I made him a scarf, too.  Anyway, I think the salsa sealed the deal, I was to be his lifelong love.

Those twelve jars of salsa (which lasted about a month) have morphed into a passion for canning.  And yearlong salsa for him.
This week I tried for the very first time...Pickled Sweet Onions!  And oh my goodness are they delicious.  I have found a way to add them to everything from sandwiches to brats and I'm anxious to branch out from there.  My breath is going to be stinky this year but my belly is going to be happy!

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