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Friday, July 22, 2011

Heading out

I'm two hours away from heading out of town.  I'm trying something new, a Women's Retreat with my church.

Last night I was talking with my mom on the phone about the retreat.  I jokingly said that I was already planning my get-away for the the sharing sessions.  There has to be a bar within walking/running distance of the retreat center, right?  My mom replied, "Just remember that you're a new member, Ruth".  Oh sure mom, because if I had been attending this church since birth they'd just say, "There goes Ruth again, slipping out the back.  Don't worry, she does this every year.  Later tonight we'll get a call when she needs a ride back to the lodge".

In honor of my trip I give you one of my favorite photos of Toni.  In it she was anxiously awaiting our departure from my parents house after a visit.  I like to call this shot the "Would be Before Photo" if Toni were going to get a doggy tummy tuck.

Have a great weekend...let it all hang out!


  1. Wish I was at the retreat with you! P.S. Can I borrow Toni? I love her!

  2. You make me laugh!! :) I bet it's going to be great! I'm saying a prayer for you right now! I'm headed to a Women's Retreat this August and am a little nervous, too. The good news is, God loves you and already knows the intricate details of your beautiful heart! xoxo


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