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Friday, April 20, 2012

Season Opener

The canning season is officially here!
 As you can see from the photo the kids took, I'm pretty darn excited...
Since Vidalia onions are in season I decided to start off canning one of my favorites from last year...
Pickled Sweet Onions.
Which, if you haven't tried them, are pretty fantastic on just about everything from hot dogs and burgers to grilled cheese sandwiches.  
And sometimes, I like to eat them all by themselves, straight out of the jar!
I'm not sure how long the canning season is going to last for me this year...Baby Alice might just cut it a little short...so I'm determined to make the most out of the early months.

There is something so rewarding about seeing all of the glass jars filled with colorful seasonal fruits and vegetables lined up all in a row.
I love it.

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  1. Love this! Your olive branch belly is adorable. I need to learn your canning ways. Maybe in 2013!


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