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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rock it, girl

You know how there are some girls that seem to be most comfortable wearing makeup?  And then there are others that feel their best looking more natural?
I think I'm a little more of a natural girl myself...a little under-eye concealer and blush and I'm pretty well set.

But there is one girl in my house that most definitely likes to be made up.

She's sporting Electric Blue nails this month...and seems to be feeling very pretty.
I feel like Diana Ross should be playing in the background.
Love you, Toni.


  1. Oh my gosh, this rocks!!

    She is such a pretty dog. My sister had their dog, Blossom's, (black Lab/Border Collie mix) nails polished and let's just say the results were not so stellar. The groomer recommended the color red and my sister followed her advice. Needless to say, she and my nephew were horrified when they picked her up and her paws looked injured rather than beautiful. My sister said that she should have gone with her gut and chose silver. I'll have to recommend electric blue. :)

  2. We too tried red once...and you're right, it looked that poor Toni's paws were bleeding! I've found that the more "unnatural" colors work best with her black fur...Gold, Silver, Neon Orange, Banana Yellow...and of course, Electric Blue.

    It's so funny to see a big dog with their nails polished. But Toni is truly a Purse Dog stuck in a Lab's body.


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