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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hanging in there

The weather has turned cold, really cold...and there is a crazy wind whistling through our windows.
It's that bitter, slaps you in the face, miserable stuff that Minnesota winters are known for.

I'm so grateful for our fireplace.
and quilts.
and hot tea.

We're only leaving the house for mandatory outings.
Like visiting my mom in the hospital.

How are you ushering in the new year?


  1. Did you knit the adorable sweater and leg warmers Soleil is wearing?! Soooo cute and such a fun, happy color!

    We had beautiful weather yesterday and have been able to play football and soccer outside...only wearing hoodies and hats. Let's trade weather because Cal is brokenhearted that we have NO snow! Only two inches on the mountain.

    The picture you sent of your mom is beautiful. I've been praying for all of you.

    Can you feel my love? I hope so!!! xoxo, Jenni

  2. My mom knit the sweater and leg warmers...and "electric blue" is Soleil's new favorite color. My mom said the color seemed a little obnoxious when she was knitting with it, but now that Soleil is wearing it it doesn't seem so bad. And Soleil feels very cute...and sporty, in the ensemble.

    PLEASE, let's trade weather!!!!

    Thanks for all your prayers and kind emails...I totally feel your love :)

  3. OK, I just read Jeni's comments and I was wondering the same thing. How cute is she in her matching leg warmers and sweater!? Your mom is amazing. And, I love that Soleil has electric blue laces. :)

    Like you, we've been sticking close to home which is very refreshing for us! We're started on our "waiting for baby" to do list and that's been kinda fun. Of course, I'm hoping we don't get to finish the list because we'll be too tired from late night feedings....ahhh....I can dream.

    Thank you for the emails, I have been praying my heart out and thinking of your family frequently. That pretty photo of your mom brougth back so many fun memories....she truly looks the same as the last time I saw her!

    Take good care of yourself. Love you!

  4. I need to start some "waiting for baby" projects! You've got to tell me what you're working on so I can get my groove on. I adore your photo wall!!! I've been thinking that I should redo what I have going on my stairwell...
    Love you!


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