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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Eve Sweater 2011

This is an embarrassing post.  
I love the sweater, so that's not the embarrassing part...it's the photos.  Eeek.
I tried to do a photo shoot solo today and, as a result, the photos are very sorry looking.
The kids would have taken better photos!

For the second year in a row, I knit a sweater for myself to wear on Christmas Eve.  I've used the same pattern each time, Ellie by Nikki Van De Car.  She writes the blog, What to knit when you're expecting.
The first year I knit it, I made it snug...this year I made it a little bigger so I'd be able to wear it comfortably while pregnant.
I lengthened it, and added some extra rounds of Garter stitch around the neckline so it wasn't quilt so "off the shoulder".
The Garter stitching at the hem, cuffs, and neckline is one of my favorite details.
It's one of those sweaters you could just kind of live in. 
I keeping thinking of it as my "boyfriend" sweater, I'm not sure why...maybe because it's a little over-sized.
Or maybe because it feels good like a boyfriend.
Either way, I'm not breaking up with it anytime soon.


  1. You are so funny and so beautiful! I love that you have on lipstick--wow! Impressive and a lovely shade, to boot!

    I wanna learn how to knit something! I think I would live in a sweater like the one you made for yourself. Plus, you know it is a good pattern when you keep using it year after year.

    I actually noticed what you were wearing in the photo collage you took on Christmas Eve, and I made a mental note of how cute I thought the neckline and color were. :)

    You found your pictures and post to be embarrassing and I find this comment to be quite dis-jointed.

    Ay yi yi.

    P.S. I actually think the photos are really fun and somewhat complete the whole "set"...since you made the sweater unassisted, you took the photos unassisted. Cool!

    One more thought, the only bummer about the photos are that in the last one, I can tell you are rockin' a totally natural, really fun smile...but we can't see it. :(

  2. You're so sweet, and you really made me laugh :)

    I know, can you believe that I put lipstick on?!?! The last week has been rough for me...I had to brag to Corey on the phone this afternoon, "Hon, you'd be so proud of me, I got all dressed and even put makeup on, took photos of myself and did a blog post!". And you know what? He was actually proud. Sweet, eh?

    Love you!

  3. We are back!!!! I have missed you and your blog so much. Thinking about you nonstop... this sweater is so beautiful. You really blow my socks off!

  4. I love it when I can do that to your socks.

    Give my favorite guys some hugs for me.

  5. I'm getting ready to cast this on. How did you cinch in the neck line? Did more garter rows before starting raglan increases?


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