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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to school they went

The big kids went back to school today.  They were so excited.  Soleil was up early contemplating shoe choices and Shore discovered that it's really best to eat breakfast and brush his teeth BEFORE putting on his school clothes.
Siri went along for the ride, enjoying some minutes more than others...

And the verdict afterwards?  It was a great day!  Shore thought that recess was too short and Soleil is already planning to read 2000 hours this school year.


  1. How cute are they in this picture?!!! Oh dear Siri- not the only time her brother will squeeze her head! I'm glad they had a good first day.

  2. That picture of Soleil is adorable! I love how long her hair is getting and how grown-up she is.

    The picture of the three children together is so doggone cute! I bet you take 100 pictures a day.

  3. And that yawn...my heart has melted!

  4. Thanks, Holl...

    Siri told me last night that she thinks she might have a crush on BOTH of your boys. Who can blame her?

  5. Oh my Sweet Soleil, always posing and wanting to be a little older than she is...she is truly darling in every way.


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